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In Torri del


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Torri del Benaco is a small and charming town with streets steeped in history that dominate the winds of the lake that cross them and offer customers a pleasant summer refreshment.
Its hills are coveted by builders because the houses are coveted by those who know the lake and once they discover this pearl they fall in love with it. Torri del Benaco is a safe landing place for those who want to take advantage of the atmosphere of Lake Garda but do not want to be in the midst of the chaos of the most accessible destinations from neighboring countries, guaranteed almost all year round.



There was no better place to promote good food.

Whoever crosses Torri del Benaco for the first time does not simply feel like a tourist, knowing that hotels, restaurants and shops are familiar with the work of "welcoming".Walking along the main street you will immediately recognize our shop, because from the two large doors you can see the hams in a row, high above the counter full of cheeses. Hams rigorously with the bone, because only leaving  until the very last moment does the leg integrate the product does not lose the scents of the natural cellars of our small suppliers. All kinds of hams, cured in San daniele, Parma, obtained from non-stressed pigs and of course the ham of our region, the Venetian ham!

Inside, shelves full of vinegars, extra virgin oils, olives, and sauces that will make it difficult for you to choose, but do not worry, they are there to help you ... you will surely leave with good things for the palate. There is also a small but well cared for choice, very personal, of local wine.